Support Services Example

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System Administration

Carrying out system administration tasks including:

  • User management – adding and removing users, creating groups and managing their membership and creating and managing access control lists.
  • Job management – ensuring all the scheduled EMC Documentum jobs are running correctly and resolving any issues that arise.
  • Queue management – monitoring and clearing the queues for services (e.g. for indexing services) and resolving any issues that arise.
  • Bulk Imports – importing large quantities of documents on behalf of users (e.g. Document Control).
  • Reporting – generating various reports including support statistics, system usage and license management data.

2nd Level Support

Integrating into your helpdesk and issue resolution processes to provide:

  • Issue Management – reviewing and providing solutions to end user issues.
  • Impact Analysis – reviewing the impact of changes to the infrastructure and operating environment.
  • Vendor Support Management – providing an integrated service with the ECM vendors support services to ensure a fully managed escalation chain.

System Maintenance

Providing regular system maintenance to ensure system continue to run and perform satisfactorily. This can include:

  • Availability – checking that the service is up and running as expected.
  • Capacity planning - to ensure that the system has enough resources (memory, processor, disk space) to operate within required levels.
  • Database management and optimisation - as required to ensure the system is operating as expected.
  • Patching - deployment and testing of product patches and changes.

Support services are configurable and customer and solution specific and we can tailor a support service to meet your requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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