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Document Control Suite

Document Numbering Service

Do you need document numbering? Most custom numbering engines are built into the document management system but what if you have multiple repositories? Worse, what if you have multiple repositories on different platforms? Allocating numbers becomes a nightmare, do you create a dummy document in one system, or do numbers get allocated in multiple places running the risk of duplication?

Our standalone document numbering service allows your document controllers to allocate, manage, and report on document numbers regardless of where the document is stored. Bulk allocations, withdrawals and cancellations are all supported and with an easy-to-use API, you can integrate the functionality into any system with ease.

Transmittal Manager

Our standalone transmittal manager makes it simple to issue and track transmittals. Aimed at companies who have outgrown Excel and email as a transmittal platform, you can use it on it's own or using one of the integration packs connect to a Documentum or SharePoint repository.

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Web Archive

Document Handover

Our Document Handover tool is a self contained web site that can be run from a CD (well, DVD these days) or USB disk that allows your customers to browse and search for documentation. Ideal for dispatching engineering documentation to site, or passing over the as-built documentation to a customer. With a simple and easy to use interface for creating document archives it simplifies the handover process and ensures you have an exact record of what is delivered.

Onsite Replica - Critical Document Availability

One of the problems with centralised IT infrastructure is ensuring critical documents are always available on site. Our onsite replica allows you to take a subset of your documents and publish them (read-only) to a local onsite replica on a regular basis. Users can search for and view documents from the local replica, ensuring that their critical documents are always accessible.

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